How To Improve Intel HD Graphics Performance

Step by step points on how to improve your Intel HD Graphics Performance with ScreenShots.

(Just follow the screenshots to understand it easily)

Step 1)

Right Click on your desktop to get a drop down and click on Graphics Properties.. 
Click on Basic Mode > OK

Step 2)

You will Get the screen given above after clicking on OK.

Step 3)

Click on 3D Option given at the Right Side below Display Option.
You will see a meter between Performance and Quality.
Move that point towards Performance.

Step 4)

Click on the Power Option which is Given below the Media Option.
Besides the Power Option you will see three power plans
1. Maximum Battery Life
2. Balance
3. Maximum Performance
Mark on the Maximum Performance > OK.

Follow this four simple steps and you will see much improvement in your Intel HD Graphics Performance.

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